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Chevrolet Corvette is the first fiberglass supercar

Среда, 30 Августа 2023 г. 06:08 + в цитатник

3925073_158542936_3925073_ (142x43, 12Kb)

3925073_Screen_Shot_lenovo_Tue_Aug_29_181111_2023 (700x427, 396Kb)

The last presentation of the two-seat sports car Chevrolet Corvette took place in the town of New York on January 17, 1953. The world's first car of this class with a plastic body. This is a two-seater roadster, for the first time in history equipped with a body made of modern plastic, or rather the so-called fiberglass - polyester plastic reinforced with fiberglass to increase its strength.

With the launch of production, the model will last a very short time without problems. Public feedback on the prototype is encouraging, but if it is necessary to overtake Ford, which is also preparing a two-seater sports model, the excitement is quite “breakthrough”.

The design of the car was developed by the famous stylist Harley Earl. Externally, the Corvette is significantly different from its counterparts in the brand. The low open body is mounted on a chassis that is 33 cm shorter than other Chevrolet models. The two seats are pushed back to allow the driver to reach the rear wheel lever. The radiator grille is wide, formed by often arranged vertical rods. Headlights are located in inclined oval niches protected by a cover. The original rear lights protrude far beyond the body of the car.

The branded "six" with a working volume of 3.9 liters has an increased working volume compared to the standard civilian version. Works in tandem with a two-speed Powerglide automatic transmission. Later, in 1955, cars received a more powerful engine, a V-shaped 8-cylinder, 4.34-liter unit. The maximum speed of the car is 165 and 175 km/h respectively.

3925073_Screen_Shot_lenovo_Tue_Aug_29_181122_2023 (700x427, 506Kb)

Interestingly, initially almost all cars were only white with a red interior, and since 1954 more duels were added - blue and red. In total for the period 1953-1955. 4640 cars of this type were produced.

In 1956, the appearance of the car has changed quite a lot. Another well-known designer, William (Bill) Mitchell, joined the development of the exterior. The headlights are now devoid of transparent fairings. The bonnet has become longer, and the calves are more rounded. The car received an excellent two-tone color scheme, with a clearly defined light side wall.

Later, in 1959, a variant appeared with four headlights and a redesigned grille and redesigned front bumper. The car was equipped with a V8 engine (4.34 liters) with a capacity of 225 hp, and in 1962 a 5.36 liter engine appeared, developing 230 or 315 hp, and the maximum speed of the car increased significantly to 185 and 229 km/h respectively. Such cars were produced in the period from 1956 to 1962 and 64375 units were produced.

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